Improvements to Layouts

I am sure many other users have countless suggestions for the improvement of Layouts, but I’d like to add the more fundamental suggestion that ‘X’ in the top right corner could be improved.
As things stand, I believe many users perceive the Layout screens as an editing dialog box, but ‘X’ has very strong connotations with ‘cancel’ or ‘delete’.

There is no way user obvious way to ‘cancel’ any edits (or undo them) resulting from making edits in a Layout view, and some users are surprised to see their edits already committed / saved

Do you think having a slight fade-in/fade-out ‘saved’ text appear when someone clicks out of a field would help the user understand the auto-commit feature?

Possibly yes but I am finding users are struggling with auto commit particularly in a layout which feels like a dialog box but with no cancel feature. ‘X’ only makes it seem worse because it has ‘cancel’ interpretations as well as ‘close’

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Ah so you think people are entering data, then saying ‘ah this is wrong’ hitting escape and expecting the commits to not?

Yes, or they might simply click on a lookup or select field and ‘accidentally’ change its value (this can be quite easy to do) - then think ‘Esc’ key will cancel - which it does not.

Got it. And Esc will sometimes cancel, for example with formula edits.