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I’ve made a listing in Coda. It was an impressive result. I can effortlessly share the link to send a presentation to my clients. I’m doing phase (1) for the Introduction. I would like to finish this task asap. Your feedback is very important to me in making improvements.

Here are the links so that you can explore :slight_smile:

Coda is a very impressive innovation :slight_smile: It helps us in entrepreneurship.
We can fully automate our docs.

Hi Jerome,

Welcome to Coda!
It was interesting to see the property in Mactan, we spent two weeks on Olanga Island a few years back… Loved it.

Your presentation is very nice to look at, but have you thought about the ability to search for properties? So probably in a table of properties. And then one of the columns could be a canvas column with the details, or alternatively the column could be a link to the property.

You could make each of the below a column, and then people could search for what they need, and then drill down…

  • Location: Divisoria
  • Lot Area: 198sqm
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Toilet & Bath
  • Fully Furnished (Y/N)
  • (1) Car Garage

As I always say, this is just a ramble, maybe it gives you some ideas.

Good luck with your property business.
Rambling Pete

I’m so happy you were able to vacation in the Philippines, Cebu. Your insights are precious to me. It helps me to construct listings using Coda. Can you help me with the table of properties? And columns could be a canvas column with the details, or the column could be a link to the property like you mentioned since I don’t have much more ideas :slight_smile:

Your idea is important, so I can enhance my listings in my innovation using Coda. Love to Connect with you.

HI Jerome,

Please have a look at the example below:

Click on the Property details column to see the canvas details.

Hope it helps!

Thanks, Hi, I just wanted to ask Do you know how to setup an example; when they click the image, they can swipe left or right.

What do you mean with swipe left or right?

Something like “accept” and “reject”?

Hey It’s already done. I made it :slight_smile: How can I fix one of my issues, like when I share this link? Please check this link Open Positions · Carehealth Plus System Inc 2023. The viewers cannot touch anything in the “availability”; something is locked in the common Notion.

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