Recreating the Ultraworking Workcycles Google sheet in Coda

Hello, I have a very cool google sheet that I use to track and reflect on my work, this is the Workcycle tracking tool that comes from the now defunct Ultraworking virtual co-working community. It has some great built-in dependencies but also some features I don’t love, like needing to create a new spreadsheet for everyday (so much archiving clutter) and everytime I try to embed this google sheet to use it from within Coda, the embed doesn’t function.

If anyone is interested could you take a look at the original Ultraworking Workcycles google sheet and help me understand if it could be recreated in Coda, perhaps more as a form that captures the same data and archives it as a database. I’m an author and nowhere near a database wizard who could make this work.

Thank you!