Rectangle not displaying properly in Details & Layout

I’m trying to use the Rectangle() function to render progress bars, but in the details view of the table as well as layouts, the rectangle displays as a square, completely ignoring the width.

For example, if you make a new column in a table on Coda, and set the formula to

Rectangle(4, 40)

Then I see a tall black rectangle rendered in the regular table view, and I would expect to see the same when I expand to modal view, but instead I am greeted by a 40x40 square.

This is probably an easy fix, and it’s really annoying when my progress bars turn into funny-sized squares.

Dear @Ryan_Martens,

Thanks for your input.

It would be great if you could post a dummy doc to actually show the mentioned display issue?

Hi @Ryan_Martens,

Our detail view does some extra work for the optional layouts and some of this is resizing and cropping images to a square. Since the rectangles are rendered as SVG images, they are also affected. This is kind of a bug that I’ll put in a request for us to check out. I have a template that tracks meeting times and is affected by this as well.

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Thanks @BenLee, good to hear :slight_smile: