Recurring event in calendar

This should be inbuilt into the product at some point but for now here is a hack to get a recurrent event in calendar.

Option 1. Basically you add an event with the formula =Concatenate(Today(),’,’,Time(08,00 , 00) ), it will be updated every day.

Option 2. An automated rule will create a daily event, you can select the days that you need, in this way you can track notes or comments of the event.

See demo doc


@Jesus_Guzman thanks! it was super helpful. Need another favor from you actually. can you remove me from the sharing setting of the doc? I just viewed you doc only and now it stay in my dashboard and no way I can remove it. I already make a copy from yours.

Thanks :smiley:

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Hello @Ngoc_Nguyen glad that this was helpful for you.

Right now it’s not possible to remove view only docs from your docs list, but don’t worry that document isn’t stored in your google drive account.


That is super helpful. Thank you!