How can you create repeating events in a calendar?

Hello Coda Community, I am attempting to create a social media calendar that has recurring events. Example, “press releases” Tuesday’s, “blog” Wednesdays. I’ve tried automation but that doesn’t repeat a task. I tried a formula in the “date” column and that didn’t work. Any ideas or anyone have one they are willing to share?

Hi Cindy

It depends on the details:

If you need to advance a task by seven days, you could add a column with a button that moves the current date on by seven days.

If you need to add multiple tasks going forward, you could create a button on the canvas, that will add the task x number of times to your task list.

If you have a group of tasks that you want to schedule with “one click”, you could create a recurring tasks table with all the tasks to be created into your main task list. Then have a button on the canvas that copies that set of tasks into the main task list. Alternatively you could create an automation that would copy the entries from your recurring tasks table to your main table.

Alternatively you could structure your table such that each day of the week is a column.

Hope this gives you some ideas to consider.