Repetitive task calendar/schedule

I have a table that lists a set of tasks that are repetitive in cadence and what that cadence is. They don’t really have an end date but occur on certain days of the week every week. For example, Review Jira ticket statuses - this should be completed by a certain person on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. Then on Wednesday thru Monday a person would need to review a specific slack channel. So basically there is never an end date.

Is there an option for me to build this calendar?

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Hi Bobbie Jo,

Yes, you can.

There are several ways in which to approach this.

Simplest is to have a date, and, at the end of each meeting you click a button that adds an entry to the task list.
Next step is to automate the creation of the new tasks using the automation functionality.

You could want to have a few occurrences of the meeting/ event shown ahead of time. With a slightly more complicated formula you could add say 12 monthly meetings at the beginning of the year. Or add a 13 the meeting every month to ensure that you have a rolling twelve months.

Also look for a post “Recurring tasks” in the community.


@Bobbie_Jo I would recommend using the Google Calendar pack, since this kind of logic is already built into Google Calendar.

  • Setup the recurring events in Google Calendar
  • Sync the calendar and it will bring in the recurring events as individual events
  • Add custom columns to the table for Assignee and any related columns for Jira/Slack, automation buttons, etc.

What are the benefits of using a repetitive task calendar, and how can it help individuals or organizations improve productivity and time management?

Hello @Bobbie_Jo ,

This sounds more like todo list. You can add a button so the person responsible can check that the task is done, hide it for the rest of the day (or week), you can keep a log of tasks done, etc.

But to me, this does not really sound like a calendar type thing (but it is certainly possible).

What I would recommend for you to do is to get started and ask the community for help if you get stuck somewhere. The more explicit you are, the better the help will be.

Greetings, Joost

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Thank you all, I realize now the correct word I was looking for is a schedule (was burning the midnight oil and lacked some brain function :woman_facepalming:)

I was hoping I could build a schedule and see it on a calendar view of who is scheduled to do what and on what day. This allows me and leadership to quickly see who was on duty for what on any given day. It sounds like a Google Calendar will likely be the route to go, I was just hoping I could use my current table instead of starting over on something else.

The current table has a column for the task, a column for who is to complete it, a column for each individual day they are expected to have that task i.e Lisa reviews Jiras on Monday, Wed, Friday and Frank reviews on Tuesday and Thursday. While the table is sufficient, I was asked to take it a step further with a visual.

I wouldn’t immediately give up on your ideas of transforming your existing table. As long as the rows have a date, you can show them in the Coda Calendar view.

Alternatively, you can integrate your existing data with the Calendar pack - you can add as many fields as you wanted to the table coming from the pack, as well as all the rest of the Coda functionality - Formulas, Canvas Columns, views and filters, etc, etc.


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