How to make repetition on for to do tasks on a table

hi there,
I’m trying to make to do list
I already made another page filtering to only show the tasks today

this is the full table
there’s task names, start time, duration, status and repetition
the type row of the repetition is duration setup to show days

i need a way to auto creating the task every N number of days in the repetition
i want it to generate it in advance so i could look at calendar view and seeing the tasks already being there multiple days a head

can somebody help me
thanks :smile:

Hi @eyal_geron,

please check out the Recurrence Rule-pack and the demo doc of the pack.


hi @Jannis thanks for the help
but i can’t figure it out how to use this on my table

Hi Eyal
I had the same problem and actually what @Jannis offered solved my problem prefectly!
At first sight it was hard to make suitable to my needs but if you give it some time i think you will find it useful. I suggest you that maybe what you can do is take the already made table in the pack and adjust it to your tasks. Add more parameters that you need such as minutes, hours and so on and the rest is basically already in the table.

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