Reference a list of users

I have a table where each row has a single user reference. I want to reference the whole column in another table so that all of the users are brought into all the cells in the other table. For instance:

User Table

  1. Billy
  2. Jaclyn
  3. Lane

New Table

  1. Billy, Jaclyn, Lane
  2. Billy, Jaclyn, Lane
  3. Billy, Jaclyn, Lane

The problem though is that when I reference the User Table all of the users are brought in as one single value and it throws the error that “Billy, Jaclyn, Lane” is not a valid user because it sees all that as a continual string instead of three different users. Any thoughts, anyone?

Weird. I figured it out. Initially I was using the formula of =List([User Table].Users) but when I changed it to ListCombine it works just fine. Super strange, but it’s working now.

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