Related columns when multi select is enabled

Hi All,

I have the below problem:

I have an email template, that I want to send to multiple recipients. I have two recipients, and I can get their cities from the related column in the People table (Green Arrows) but when I try to bring in their email addresses, Coda says it could not convert to the specified format. (It works fine if only one person.
Am I missing something, or is it a bug?


What is the column type of that problem column?

Hi Scott,

Good Question…

It is an Email type. The column type is changed to this if the first entry into a text column is an email address. Which probably is what happened here - the table is one of the very first tables I created in Coda nearly two years ago.

If I force the column type back to text, then the error message goes away, and it brings both emails, and send a mail to both email addresses.

Thanks for the pointer. It works now, just wonder why the email type is not working, maybe because I was not using my email column in conjunction with the people column.


All good! Happy to help. Email columns Can only hold a single email

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