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I’m trying to create a table and subsequent calendar that is built using relational columns. I followed the steps in this video, but when I go to create the formula to create a booking ID, I end up with this random “grid” line of text being displayed (see screenshot below).

What I am trying to get in the “Name” column is a key that looks like “Person 1 - Location 3” (as an example) so that we can track who is going where at any given time.

If anyone has insight into how I can correct this formula to display the selected location that would be very helpful!

Hi Celina,

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What is happening is that your formula is referring to the whole of the column, rather than the contents of an individual cell.

If you have a look at the chips for Assessor and Locations, you will see that the little icons at the back show multiple little rows.

To get away from that, you need to say thisrow.Assessor.

Also, the way you are combining the columns to get to the ID, is not recommended. “+” is a mathematical operator. The recommended way is as follows: Concatenate(, " - ", thisrow.locations).



Hi @Piet_Strydom

Thanks so much for your help with this! I’m still learning the ropes of Coda.

Appreciate you taking the time to reply.

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