Relations broke my brain

I was assigned a report recently that requires me to import and connect various tables. At the moment I’m trying to connect tables for Office, Doctors, Cases. The doctor table went well as I was able to use a calculate formula to populate my column.

However, I’m trying to do that now with my Office table and the formula doesn’t seem to correctly recognize the field type. The field I’m referencing is a “single select” however in the formula it is say the field is “text”. Therefore it won’t match and populate my values.

Lastly, am I even doing this right? My table have hundreds of offices and thousand doctors. Instead of setting up relational columns and selecting each on individually I use the formulas. Not sure if this is best practice or if I’m making a mistake.

Hi @Dustin_Good1,

I’d like to help, but it’s very difficult if you don’t provide more than a screenshot.

Can you share your document or create a dummy document with fake data and share that? Please include all tables you want to connect and a description of your desired output as well. That would help a lot.

Best regards

Hello @Dustin_Good1!
I agree with Jannis, we need a bit more info on this, for example, is Office (from April Cases) a relation to the Office table you are showing in your image?
If this is the case you could try comparing directly to thisRow
[April Cases].Filter(Office = thisRow)

I hope this helps!

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Good morning! I think I’ve got my relations down.

The main table will have links to “Offices”, “Doctors”, “Cases”, and "Units’. I don’t need to really build out all the sub-tables so the initial issue isn’t going to stop me in my tracks but I just don’t understand why the formula isn’t recognizing the actual field type.