Is it possible to use formula to sync one column from a table with another's table's column?

I have tried to use relations for that but it entails the column type to be multiselect and not text…

Hi Ohad,

What do you mean with “sync”? Do you want a copy of the data in the new table, do you want to have a lookup in one table based on another table? Do you want to keep the entries in two different tables aligned?


Hi!, sorry for the confusion. I’m not referring to a table view or to copy the table by itself, You know the relations column type? so basically that but the problem with relations is that it makes the column multi select and not free text.

Hi Ohad,

The Relation column type provides you with several abilities. What you are seeing is strictly speaking not a multi select column. The entries are “links” to the entry in the opposite table.
In the image below, Cross-reference is a column type Relation. You can see that by hovering my mouse over the entry, it pops up the information from the other table.

Please provide more information on the underlying requirement, the community may very well be able to come up with something very close to what you have in mind.


Yes. entries are a better term to describe that. it just presents options from the other table’s column.

when I make a column a relation column, it is, by default like that. what do you mean by “Cross-reference is a column type Relation”? it seems like relations is a column type itself …

The column under the green arrow above is called “Cross reference 2”
That column is of type Relation.
The entries in Cross Reference 2 are links to the entry in the other table.

Yes, that is the design of column type Relation.

links to the entries? if I wanted the entries to be a text synced with the other column (on another table) would it be possible?

No, because text type cannot be links. To have a link to another table, you need to have the relation type column.

but the relation type column has to be entries that are on tables?

yes. The relation table sets up a relationship to another table, and to a specific column in that table.