How can I sync one column between two different tables?

Hello! I have two different tables and would like to sync a column in Table 1 so that it also shows in Table 2. Does anyone know how I can do this?

Hi Tulsi,

Could you provide some more details? “Sync” can have different meanings.

It could be as simple as setting up a Relation column if you want a lookup type of sync. Or you could filter to fiund all values, etc etc.

Thanks for asking. So the scenario is: I have two different tables. Both have lists of companies with many overlapping (for example B F D and T are in one and the other might only have D B) and each of those companies has a certain $ value assigned. The company list is NOT in the same order in each table. I’m looking for a way to sync the tables so that an update of the $ value in one updates the corresponding cell for that company in the other table.

HI Tulsi,

Based on what you have given, the simplest in my mind is to create a 3rd table, where all of the companies are listed. In this table you also have a column to store the dollar value. From your original two tables you then have a relation column that refers to the new table, with a related column that then picks up the dollar value.


Great, I’ll try that. Thank you - I appreciate your help!

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