Relationship betwen columns

Hello there,

So, I have a financial tracking table that includes the columns “Business Quarter”, “Month”, “Date” columns, among other ones ofc.

the Buisness Quarter is a column that should have Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
the Month is a number column and has a function that turns the input date of the purchase into a number (1-12 corresponding to each month) [and that is used mainly for charts purposes]
the Date is a date column that where I enter the purchased item date

What I want to do is: once I enter the date in the date column of the purchased item, it automatically sets/be synced to its corresponding business quarter. How can I do that?

our quarter preferences are Q1= Month 1,2,3 / Q2= Month 4,5,6 /… and so on.

We’d appreciate any help, thank you.

Hey there, here’s a potential solution you can implement in your doc:

Specifically, check out the formula in the Business Quarter column :+1:

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