Released Pack: Google Drive Extra

Hey there! I’m releasing a simple pack for some additional Google Drive functionalities: Google Drive Extra

When adding the pack to your doc you will be prompted to sign in to your google account. The app is not yet verified, that will take 4-6 weeks if they even approve it:

So it’s going to warn you like this:

Just click “Show Advanced” and then “Go to (unsafe)” to continue like normal.

The pack only connects to Google’s API as shown here

Formula: DownloadDriveFile(url)
It can download private files from your drive directly into coda. It returns a temporary Coda URL, to store it permanently you can ingest it. Here are full instructions:

  • Get the url to your google drive file (Easy to get these from the official drive pack)
  • Put this URL in a column in a table
  • Create a new column of the type File in the table
  • Create a button that puts the result from DownloadDriveFile into this file column
  • The click function can look something like this:
    • thisRow.ModifyRows(thisRow.File, [Google Drive Extra]::DownloadDriveFile([Rickard Abraham], thisRow.URL))
  • When the button is then pressed it will store the file permanently in the file column cell like this:
  • This file can now be used with other packs, mainly my own PDF Pack


  • Filenames are now inherited from the Drive into Coda