Removing 'Blank' Option in a Form List

How could I easily remove the “Blank” option from a form dropdown? I am not familiar with formulas, and I just don’t get them, so I need a dummied down solution. Any help is appreciated!

Hi @Catalina_Martinez,

to be completely honest with you, it’s not possible at the moment and I don’t think it will ever be. Can you tell a little more about your use case? I think there is a way without removing the “Blank” option.


Thanks so much for your response, @Jannis . I’ve created a form to survey our membership. I have a picklist which, when I display it as a drop-down, the ‘blank’ option becomes visible. It’s not the case if I leave the list as as an actual picklist. The ‘blank’ option wouldn’t be a huge issue if it wasn’t an active answer option, but it can be selected. I’ve included an example of both.

With Blank:

W/O Blank:
Example 2

Hi @Catalina_Martinez,

okay, I understand.
I have to admit, I don’t use coda forms at all.
Because of that, I can not really give you advice on that.

Maybe someone else would like to comment on this.


@Jannis…not a problem. Thank you anyway!

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I don’t think there is a way to eliminate the Blank, but if you make it a required field, the form can’t be submitted without picking one of the available options.


@joost_mineur Yes, I did see that and if I remove the dropdown option and just make it a list. Thank you so much for your suggestion.

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