[Request] Coda Consultant/Freelancer


I hope all is well. I recently switchover from Notion after about 2 years. I switched because I wanted to take advantage of the automation and Packs. (Really cool features!) I am slowly moving my Notion projects, resources, and tasks over from Notion, but I would like some help with some CRM work.

I am a Catholic Priest and manage weddings, baptisms, funerals. I was hoping to build out a system similar to Dubsado to help me manage the “clients”.

I would love to manage some of these things pariah wide, but right now we aren’t close to getting there. My vision is that I can manage the pre wedding preparation info. Then, have a monthly check in for the first 18 months. Then after that send based on anniversaries.

I want to do something similar for baptism and funerals. Most are really simple notes, but some have more complex texts.

I have been trying to watch as many videos as possible to get the system down, but I don’t have the time or the brain power. I was hoping there might be a consultant that I could work with to help build this “system” or at least show me.

HI Father Andrew,

Welcome to the community, Father Andrew. I am also a convert (bad pun intended) from Notion. Notion is quite good, and I enjoyed it. Coda is just better. :wink:

This is a maker version of my task list on steroids which you could use as a base, or which I could help convert. I have sent more details in a private message.