Request for Coda CFL editor improvements

Although I have written about some of the following before, I would like to combine a couple of suggestions in one post. I hope the Coda development team can honor one or more of these suggestions - each suggestion by itself makes our life a bit easier - and all these suggestions together would make a huge difference.

  1. Make the size of the editor flexible, length and width. Code is often very hard to read because the line length causes the CFL to wrap to the next line.
  2. Make the editor position on the screen flexible (free floating) - it is often covering up the table or modal you are working on.
  3. Save the last used settings (sub 1 and 2) for the next editor use
  4. Make the (full size) editor save and close with a shortcut key combination, it is very annoying to have to use the mouse for that simple action.
    4a) the ENTER key works different in the mini editor and the full size editor - which is a bit confusing.
    4b) perhaps using the ESC key for automatic saving upon leaving the editor would work. Leaving without saving (which does not happen all that often) would then be the way to exit the editor without saving.
  5. have a setting in the user profile that makes the full size editor open as the default editor instead of the mini version.
    5a) instead of saving the last used editor size and position, some settings in the user profile could perhaps do something similar, setting length, width, position (left, center, right AND top, center, bottom)
  6. different colored parenthesis for matching pairs and colored operators:
    Thank you for your consideration

These are great suggestions. I will add a ‘developer mode’ toggle in settings that defaults all formula/filter/etc/button to default open right into the editor and save us the 3 clicks to find the fx at the bottom of the list.


Def got my vote!

At times I wish Coda could live-link with / use Visual Studio Code.

Even though I mostly use Visual Studio, I’d definitely use VSC to edit my Coda formulas if it were possible.

VSC supports so many languages, not sure what it would take to add CFL, or write an extension, but it also makes for just a hella nice text editor, replacing Notepad++ and others…

Visual studio Code

Edit - Info on adding languages to VSC:
Visual Studio Code - Languages Overview


These suggestions are all spot on !

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