Request - Trello

Running tasks through trello, google tasks, gmail, etc is a pain.


+1 for Trello.
I use coda as a summary/report out for my trello board, at the moment I have some scripts that make it all work, but I would love to just have the Pack working

+1 for Trello as well.
It would be awesome to hask sync between trello cards and tasks / table in Coda.

+1 for Trello tasks view

The same thing. A lot of external scripts and Excel as UI. Prefer to run all of it inside Coda.
+1 for retrieving data from Trello

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Another vote for trello cards integration :raising_hand_man:t6:.

I want Trello cards integration with filter on labels.
For example, each time I add a card on Trello with the label “A”, this task appear on a specific doc.

+1 for Trello! :raising_hand_man:t5:

+3000 for Trello!!!

+1 for Trello! Yea:star_struck: