Anyone know how to make a similiar Scrum Board system you would find in Trello inside of Coda?

So originally my team and I used this Coda template for our Product Backlog as my company adopted a Scrum workflow, but this template is no longer fulfilling our needs: Coda Sprint Planning

I created a copy for our teams workspace and added a couple pages that haven’t been fully flushed out yet. We are looking to nuke this template document and create our Product Backlog from scratch. Under the Trello system, you can click on a feature and all the tasks associated with it will fall under description text. In Coda, we have it currently where each task is separate and requires its own spot on the Sprint board which takes up way too much space. How do I build a “trello” like system in Coda? Do I use tables? How should I approach it or what resources should I consume so I can make it? Any help is appreciated!

Current Coda Implementation:

Test environment in Trello(want to figure out how to build something like this in Coda).

Clicking on the To Do card “Camera Perspective System” will open up this functionality that I wish to imitate in Coda.


Hi Addison, love that Animal Crossing background in your Trello screenshot! I named my island Boba Cay. :slight_smile:

We have a bunch of scrum templates in our gallery that I highly recommend check out for ideas.

Also, we have this guide on how to import your Trello board into Coda by @John_Coda.

Please let me know if this is helpful!

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