Resize charts in a doc

How do you set the size of a chart in a document? They seem crazy big all the time


It really depends… let’s say they are not responsive at all :frowning:
For example I have a flat huge screen and they are very very small compared to the available area:

plus, if I go fullscreen, they are cut :frowning: :

Ideally we should have:

  1. Charts and objects should be responsive and should adopt to the available area
  2. Optionally they should be manually resizable based on the user preferences

I agree with Francesco. A simple way to resize charts would be great.

I would like to add my voice to the list as well. Without the feature, it’s very hard to create a ‘document.’ We can’t move the charts and tables around as we might expect. so building a digestible report to export or dashboard with many charts becomes tough.