Resize Images in Text Column Field?

I’m using a text column for long-form notes for records. I’d like to be able to add images inline in these notes.

I can paste in an image. But I cannot resize the image, so it comes in at the native resolution of that image. (I’m pulling images off the web so this isn’t ideal)

If I paste an image into the canvas I get drag handles for resizing. Is there a way to get those same controls for an image that’s pasted into a text field in a record?


Did you get a feedback? I was wondering about the same…

If the images are from the web, have you simply try to use Image() ( in a formula of the text field ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I got confirmation that it’s not possible right now, unfortunately.

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We don’t have all the canvas features in the text column. We are looking at improvements for these areas as we see everyone using Coda in so many different ways. Text, notes, and content are becoming more and more important, so we’re looking at ways to improve both areas for sure.


That would be great :grin: !
Images (in general) seem to be kind of a tiny weak spot :confused: .