Resource Allocation at a given date

Hello All,

I need to schedule the resources allocation as part of an integration project where the workload is the same across the defined period (eg: engineer is working 55% of his time between January and April). We only calculate resource allocation on a monthly period and man days per month.

I created a table where I choose the task that gives me the utilisation and I pick the starting month which based on a predefined duration (in month) will give me the end date.


I obviously allocate several tasks for the project.

So I have the following value for now:

  • task (manual)
  • starting date (manual)
  • Duration (predefined - in months - task attribute)
  • end date (calculated based on starting date and duration)
  • Workload (predefined - pourcentage - task attribute)

What I would like to achieve is to be able to get the utilisation of a resource at any chosen date for all the tasks (additional filters might be added like company, project, etc).

Is it something achievable?

Thank you in advance again for your assistance,


Thinking differently - Would it be possible to fill the column with utilisation if the title of the column (not necessarily the value tested) is between the task period

I detailed my thought in bellows screenshot

Got it to work with the following formula.

Not sure it is the most efficient one, any recommendation?

I have a date database that can be used but not sure how - for example Jan 21 column could pick the Jan 2021 date