Retrieve first numerical value in a text cell

I am building a doc for my kids to have a better understanding of their school (they are in 7th & 8th grade so they are helping build). Unfortunately, I paste their grades in from the school platform (parentvue) into a table in their coda doc. The scores listed on their school platform are listed like this

Table - Algebra 1 Grades
Column - Score

5 out of 5.0000
0 out of 5.0000
0 out of 36.0000
Not Due
Not Graded

Right now I am manually adding two columns where I type out each grade. Between 2 kids with 7 classes each this is a pain. Is there a formula that will retrieve the score and possible score out of this text field?

Hi Keith,

Try the left() formula.

Replace “Hello world” with the name of your column.

Rambling Pete

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Hey there!

LeftPad() may work in some cases, but wouldn’t account for all use cases (for example, what if the score was 10 which is two digits, or 100 which is 3 digits of numbers).

To account for the variation in scores it would be better to use some regex() formulas in Coda.

Heres a doc that shows an example of what you might do! By the way Im a teacher! So very acquainted with scores, school LMS and more! Reach out if you need anything

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