Return row based on summary

Hello All,
I’m trying to figure out the best formula to return a rows values to a linked table.

I have 2 tables. One table holds the supplier information. Each supplier has one individual row. The second table holds purchase order information for all the suppliers together. Multiple entries linking back to table one. So supplier A might have 5 entries, each with a different date and status.

On Table 1 I want to pull back the most recent PO Date (which I can do by using a summarize field on the PO Date column) . The problem is then returning associated data in the row. The summarize column will tell me the most recent date of a purchase order for that supplier. But I can not figure out how to pull back the status for that purchase order.



Here is one possible approach:

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The solution of @Ander is perfectly fine, but you could add a filter on the table to only display the last updated record and hide the others, just to be visual more appealing.

Obviously you should better create a view of this table and put the filters on it as explained above :thinking: