Return the value not position of "Find"

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Does anyone know how to return the “Value” of a field that is found with “Find” and not the relative position?
I have a tasklist with dependencies (Successors and Predecessors). I have the list of successors and am trying to populate teh predecessors with a formula thisRow.[Task Name].find(thisRow=thisRow.[Successors linked])

…a new problem has just arisen also which I think might be to do with the initial problem in that when I copied and pasted teh formula here, it has put “thisRow” before each field but that is not how it is written in my Column. It has by default added the “thisRow” before each field.

Here is a pic of my table:

Does anyone have a bone they can throw me?



In human language (not a formula), what logic drives the value that you want in the Predessors column?

Thanks Ander.

The Predecessor is the Task whose Succcessor is the Task in the same Row.
ie: The Predecessor of a task is the task that has the current task as its Successor.

If I have:

Step 1----------------Step 2
Step 2----------------Step 3----------------Step 1
Step 3----------------Step x----------------Step 2

The Predecessor field is a Lookup field also if that bears any relevance.


I’m just not understanding your screenshot or instructions. If you want to share this doc, I can jump in and take a look. You can post a link that I click, and then you’ll get an email where you must grant me access. That way it’s not open to anyone to whom you don’t specifically grant access. Your call.

You are in great hands with @Ander but I am sharing a little sample on how I setup dependencies that you can build on


I got your doc. See if @mallika’s doc answer’s your question.

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Firstly, thanks so much for the quick response…it’s a Saturday here so it feels like you’re helping me out on a weekend.

OK, I used the formula…this is what I got:

Does it matter that it is a “Lookup” field?

I don’t mean this to sound impatient but I’m just wondering what is happening as I can see both of you in my doc and not sure what is happening. I’m new to this so getting my head around the sytem also.

Yes, the column type always matters.

I have updated my sample doc above to explain this but this is the modified formula you will need to get the Predecessors ( the need to use contains cause due to it being a multiselect list, a simple = no longer works)

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I nested it, hasn’t worked. I’m trying the separate column now.

Look, I’ll play around with it from here, you’ve been more than helpful kthank you. I get the path I need to take now so I’ll just muck around with it and get it working.

Thanks to you also Ander…Go eat the ass out of that low flying horse mate!


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