RFC - Markdown support for formula and parameter descriptions

Question for this group - I’m investigating making a change to formula/parameter descriptions where we treat those as Markdown and expose bold/italics/links in the formula builder for these descriptions.

Thoughts on this? In particular, are there places within your existing packs where you used Markdown control characters (such characters include *_`) but didn’t intend the descriptions to be Markdown? My hope is that I can just treat all existing descriptions as Markdown, but that could break cases where you use these characters but don’t expect them to be treated as Markdown.



Hi Alex!

I particularly haven’t used any Markdown characters in descriptions, I think it would be a great improvement as we could potentially add links to a Coda doc with additional information for the formula / action. Using bold italics would help as well, 100% in from my side :slight_smile:

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I personally do use markdown syntax quite often in formula and parameter descriptions (even in the overall pack description) and would love to see markdown support. An alternative might be to opt for html syntax instead as that is much less likely to be ambiguous.

In any case, it would be nice to have the option to escape these (e.g. with '') going forwards.

Is this already implemented?