Row-Level Security

I love what I have found while playing with Coda, but am curious if there is a way to have row-level security.


I have a table/db for projects. I also have a tasks table that references the projects table.

I want some projects (rows) to be visible to some people, but not others. I also want tasks that reference that project to be visible (or hidden) depending on rights/roles. Is there a way to do this easily?

Example scenario (fake but shows the use case):

Project for Firing an Employee
Tasks Associated for firing said Employee

I only want the HR department & their manager to see these rows. Is this possible?

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Nope, you have to use multiple documents. You can share data between them using Cross-Doc. But within a doc, you have to operate under the assumption that all users can see everything (there are features like page locking, page hiding, etc, but they’re all UI features, not security features).

For advanced multi-doc use cases, check out Sync Tables Pro pack


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