Rules for table names

Hi All,

Quick question:

Is there a “prohibition” against starting tables names with numbers? Before I added SCE in front of the table names, the table names would not pop up in the formula builder.


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Hello @Piet_Strydom

There doesn’t seem to be any rule preventing it, at least if you use the right syntax. 001_sce_DB etc…



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yeah, I can create tables with names starting with numericals, but they do not appear as selectable object in the formula builder.

I am not certain whether it is a bug or a feature.


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Its been like that ever since I can remember. Same thing for column names.

I think its a bug, because if you type the entire thing in to your formula builder character for character it is recognized


And as always, I break things even further:

Coda interprets my date as 2022 Minus 5 Minus 26…

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