Running an automation if certain conditions are met

I have a doc from where I want to send a message to a slack channel every morning if there are new updates. I know about the pertinent updates using table filters, so that’s not a problem.

However, in the automation setup, I see there is the daily send, and upon rows changed send. What I would like is an ability to put an if clause into the daily send:
if (Table.count() > 0, Slack:: …, Do Nothing)

Anyone know how to express this?

Hi @Rushabh_Doshi1 ,

IIUC, you should be able to use an automation if clause for this: Using Automations | Coda Help Center

The other option is to set up a button for this and put a DisableIf clause on there that reflects your condition. Then set up an automation to press the button, and if it’s disabled, nothing will happen. I tend to do that more often because I find it reassuring to be able to see the greyed out button and know that I got the logic right :slight_smile:

Ooh thank you both!

I missed the if clause completely - by default it was hidden in between the Trigger and Action. But I should have RTFM :slight_smile:

@shishir - your trick is excellent. I’m using the same because it gives me a lot more testability and control. Thank you.