Running Remote conference template

Hi guys,

We’re hosting a conference on remote team management, and I thought that Coda template would be the perfect place to keep all event highlights together. It includes:

  • General info about the event such as schedule and speaker profiles
  • Favorite sessions
  • Contact info of the new people & leads
  • Key takeaways to implement at work, etc.

It’s pretty general to be used at any type of business event.

P.S. If you’re interested in top remote work trends, Running Remote 2020 takes place in Austin on April 20-21. Wade Foster from Zapier, Lori McLeese from Automattic, and other leaders will be sharing their thoughts and inspiring the world to go remote.

You’re very welcome to join us there!


This is awesome, Anna! Sounds like a great conference. Looking forward to hearing how the doc/app you made works out!

A few things coming down the pipe that might help:

  1. Permissions. Right now you can lock a doc so that users can only perform certain actions (i.e. can only press buttons, can only edit their own rows, etc.) without unlocking the doc. But soon (very soon!) we are launching the second piece of this — permissions. This will allow you designate the people who have permission to unlock versus those who can’t. So, in your case, you may designate the conference organizers to be able to unlock but the rest of the conference goers can’t, so they will have no way to accidentally edit something they shouldn’t. More about this here.

  2. Also very soon we will launch hidden sections, so you can hide certain sections that may be more administrative.

  3. Publishing. We are actively working on creating a better publish-to-web experience so that it will be easier to distribute your app to folks. We’ll be announcing more on that in a bit but some version should be available before the conference.