Running Total by Group

I have a running total (sum) setup for an entire table. How can I do a running total for each group. Or alternatively, a running total for a connected view. Thanks!

Hey Elaine
I did for me something similar and if i understood you correctly my solution was:
In a different line in the page you add a formula (press “=”) and you add there Sum(“table name”) add a “.” after the table name if you prefer to have sum only one column of the table.
Also by doing so you can go and add more values/tables to this sum and having it summing all in the same (for example Sum(table1,table2,table3)

I’m referring to a column with running totals in each cell … not summed columns. I think you’re referring to sums for a column?

If its for only 1 column then it will be : Sum(Tablename.Columnname)
If what you want is a column inside the same table then i think what you can do is: sum(thisRow.[column1]-thisRow.[column2] )-(thisRow.[column3]-thisRow.[column4] )
Which is exactly what i did (though in my case is more resting rather than adding)

to clarify…a column with running totals in EACH row. (not at the bottom of the column). I know how to what I’m asking…but do not know how limit the running total ROWS in filtered views.

Ok. Sorry I think now I got what you asked.
I guess either Filter() or Sort() might be the solution but I am not sure.
One thing that really helps is to have either a picture/gif of this table or a copy of this table with access to everyone so that they can see and perhaps solve it.
Sorry i couldn’t help

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