Save old value in another table

Good day!
I would like to find solution to save previous value.

Here is example
I try to save each changes made in Value table. It is easy to save new one with triggered automation, but how to save old value, that was before change?

Hi @daniil,

A common way would be to create an additional table (Logs, for instance) and save the record state at a specific timestamp (i.e. before every data change). this allows you to have multiple data changes without adding too many columns.

If you have only one value, it’s just a matter of creating two separate actions (RunActions(ModifyRows(...), ModifyRows(...))) in sequence where you first copy the old value, then you update the new one.

If it’s not clear, let me know and I’ll try to share an example.

Dear @daniil

Next to the directions of @Federico_Stefanato, I recommend also to have a look at this post: