Save scale values as user preference

I let viewers to play with scale values, to display another table view based on their personal preferences:
Find the live version here.

Can you recommend a way to let users log in with a Google/Coda account to save their preferences? (i.e. no need to start from blank values next time?) Also, I would see the saved preferences for demand and newsletter purposes.

I thought sg like IF(User().email.isblank then get values from the free-to-edit column, else from stored values that were generated as new rows. The problem here is how can I elegantly display currently stored values for the user and let edit them…

Thank you so much!

@Balint_Drahota you could totally use the “filter table” approach seen here:

I’ve used this judiciously in the documents I work with, and it’s been an extremely useful tool.

Just set up a table where the rows are people, and the columns are their selections. Then later you could create a table where the rows are preferences, and reference the selections they made via formulas. Alternatively, you could present the user with the actual filter table, filtered to only see their preferences.


Hi @Balint_Drahota, i confirm you that the approach suggested by @galligan is good!
I’ve built an entire app based on who is using coda in that moment :slight_smile:
If you need some more suggestion or help to craft it into your doc just write here or share your doc and i (probably we) can help you :slight_smile:

Update, i’ve seen later the doc link, sorry :sweat_smile:
Nice thematics btw! After seeing it i can confirm that filter that table based on currentuser (i suggest you to use a custom formula to check who is using the doc for future modifications if needed) is one of the best choice!
You can create those with an “initialize for me” button that add all the needed row!