Search for words in a text

i would like to check if a text description contains certain words e.g
text - “kindly review the requirements specifications for project alpha”
words to check:- ContainsAll( “review”,“requirements”,“specifications”)

HI Lindy,

You have the correct formula there, what is your question?

This doc contains examples of the containsxxx and related formulas. I am still working on it, but it will become subscribers only in the near future. The intention is to build a refence manual for Coda with working examples.

Rambling Pete

:wave: Hey hey!

There are multiple ways you can approach this. I would honestly probably go with Regex. It works really well!

Heres an example doc:

And heres the two formulas:
(1) This one checks if all the words are present

(2) This one checks if any of the words are present

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