Search podcasts

Some media / pr / marketing agencies may want to search & select podcasts right from Coda docs.

Our podcast/episode/playlist pages already work well with Coda docs, thanks to oEmbed:

If you want to build a pack to search podcast or for deeper integration, we have a podcast api that you can use:

@Listen_Notes thanks for sharing this! What is ‘oEmbed’?

Basically it’s a contract between content providers & clients.

A content provider can be twitter, spotify, instagram… A piece of content could be a tweet, a song, an image… And a client can be a wordpress site, any website, or Coda!

If both content providers and clients both implement oembed standard, then content urls can be automatically transformed into a nice looking embedded widget (e.g., an embedded tweet, or a music player) on client sites.


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Awesome. I recommend you edit your original post and embed a Coda doc previewing your embed feature right here in this post. Good luck and thanks for making such a cool product.