Searching for dates accross pages

I’m very new to Coda but already created a number of tables for contracts that have expiry dates. I’d like some sort of report page where i could quickly see which contracts are expiring within a specified period. I would like the report to look at several pages and give me a summary. Any help gratefully received.

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the community!

Your question is extremely high level - it would be a lot easier for the community to assist if you shared the doc.

Off the cuff, I would suggest that all contracts be in a single table, and you then use views of that table on the various pages. But I do not have enough information to really comment.


Thanks - its all very new to me.

Here is a link to the page I’m trying to create. In the reports page I’ve detailed what I’m trying to do. Thank you all!

Consolidating contracts into one table and utilizing views across pages could be beneficial, but more details are needed for precision.

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