"Select all" option not present in Select Lists for Tables

“Select All” option is very useful when you need to use a long Select List, but it happens to exist only for spare Select List items. The option is not available for Select Lists inside a table.

My goal:
I want to build a single row menu-table with buttons, filters and sliders to drive the display of a catalogue.
My issue:
I need the option “Select All”, but I can’t use a spare Select List because you can’t duplicate it, and I need the very same control to be accessible in another section.
That’s one advantage of using a single row table instead of spare control items.



Select all of what ?

I’m talking about this option, which comes very handy for long lists

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I’m happy to hear you’ve suggested many more about User experience .

Please keep on posting about UX.

I’v already suggested many more , but someone told me , hey ,please feedback to “Support” , don’t post on community. :sweat_smile:

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+1 for a “Select All” option in column multi-select menus.

It would also be nice to be able to Shift+Click blocks of items in multi-select menus (both column and canvas).