Please add a dynamic search button or box for tables

It would be nice to be able to dynamically search a entire table with a lot of rows using a search box or button (especially on mobile app). Thank you.

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Dear @Nick_J

Does this post make sense to you

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@Nick_J - this is the current workaround - Text control box for search? - but your suggestion is well taken and suggested to the team.

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I’d like to add to this request for improving the UI/functionality of the current Multiple Select and Select controls.

The current UI is very painful to use if I have a lot of content to filter for. For example, see this screenshot:

I have to manually remove each one in the tight space. Or I would have to select each one one by one. I would propose having it be more like a search box to make it easier for me to quickly filter out the ones I want to select items without having to use my mouse and that allows me to quickly filter from a long list.

For example, I really like the UI from here:

Note that in that Multiple Select UI there, I can just start typing in a word from the list to select it. Then I can quickly type in another. I can also quickly delete them from the search box.

I think using a similar UI that allows for search will help make the filtering and dropdown abilities more powerful. It might allow for less workaround solutions.

Hope you guys can implement something like this for your Select and Multiple Select controls!