Select List options from CSV or TXT file?


I would like to create a select list that will have a large number of options - possibly into the thousands.

Is there a maximum number of items for a select list?

Can I specify the items in the select list via the contents of a CSV file or TXT file?


Hey Richard,

I think currently you can’t import a TXT or CSV, to automatically fill your select with items.

But maybe you can use one of these two solutions (I have tried both with 500 items):

  • You can import a CSV file as a new table and than use a “table lookup”-column instead of “select” to make you CSV file entries selectable. (+ Button / Table / Import From)
  • If you have e.g. one item per line in your text file, you can just replace the break with commas (should be possible in every text editor with find/replace) and copy & paste the result in the field for items of your select column. I don’t know if there are length restrictions, but 500 items worked like a charm.

Thanks - much appreciated