Select list with icons

Is it possible to create a formula for a select list that concatenates a text column and an image column?


Hi @Tony_Reid1

Yes of course, you can use whatever you want,
check this example with an image column, an emoji column, a text column, and a concatenation of threes

Then create a select list (or create a column select list inside a table) with data equals to Table.Concatenate

And voila !



Hello @Tony_Reid1 !
This works for me in select controls, not with relation controls.
Here is an image to get you started. I generate the image with the Rectangle()formula but it should work with any image.

@Quentin_Morel beat me to it ! Such a good community here ! :slight_smile:

Wow sorry @Martin_Portevin I always try to check if there is not X is currently writing a reply under the post to avoid duplicate like this :wink: This time I missed it !

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No need to s’excuser ! As my answer was mostly image based, it was a quick write and I missed the notification too.

Hi, thanks so much for the fast response.

The solution works great for a select control, and for column select lists which is what I need.

Unfortunately the icon does not show when using the iOS app; not the end of the world.

Thanks once again for the tip.

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