Semi-dynamic Format()

Collapsible tables combined with the below use of Format() just streamlined some beastly workflows!:star_struck:

Refinement ideas welcome. @Johg_Ananda @Federico_Stefanato


@Ander very nice!! creative approach; like the formulamap() implementation. How are you usign this? Do you need to dynamically change your data presentation a lot?

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Not a lot, but it does evolve over time. In a large project it’s impossible to manually maintain that evolution in the summaries per row. I needed to automate that, which was the impetus for using Format() in this way.

Since I was going to the trouble to build this, I figured I may as well make it selectable and dynamic, so those parts are icing.:grinning:


Great job, @Ander! :clap:

Extremely useful for ever-changing last minute reports (when PDF export will become a serious feature, hopefully).

I’ll take some time to dig a bit more into it.
Let me know if you identified some more features.


Waiting with bated breath for the PDF export functionality