Grouping Rows and Columns

Hi just wondering if anyone has tried to do something like this

where the rows are collapsible and also the column, but still it has this clean look.

Yep — as long as those are cells there and not just the summaries of collapsed groups (because you cannot conditionally format the summaries).

You basically need to generate yourself a separate table where each row is a unique combination of a property to the left (cashflow prop) and the property to the top (month), then calculate those numbers with a formula.

It won’t be that collapsible though: e.g. you cannot build this directly on the table of transactions and make the summaries formatted. You can only conditional-format data cells, not group summaries.

P.S. Another thing that you can do is generate a not-a-model table (I call these report tables) and be creative with what you do with your rows and columns altogether — basically replicate spreadsheet logic with it:


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