Send gmail button content issue

Hey there!

I’ve got an issue when i try to combine a canvas from another page to a string in the content field of button with gmail send email function. Is there a trick ?
Thanks for the tool btw!



Hey @Alexis_ANZIEU
have you tried combining them with the formula „concatinate()“?

Hi Alexis

Unfortunately we do not support adding text to a section as yet. When using a section to send an email all of the content should be in the section. You can not change the content afterwords. We are working on improving this but in the meanwhile you can try one of the following alternatives.

  • Create the template content as a rich text column and use it as the content in the email.
  • Type the raw html and use that. This will allow you to include content that can’t be typed into a rich text column today such as images etc.

Here is a document that has both the examples -

We realize that none of these alternatives would be as powerful if you were able to operate on canvas. We are hopeful we would be able to allow you to operate on canvas soon.



Okay, thanks a lot for your answer :slight_smile: