Send select columns to a different Doc table

Push a button. Send top three teams AND their score to a table(different columns) in a separate doc.

Here’s a breakdown…

Hey @Mike_Driscoll ! We took a look at this page in your doc as we believe that’s what you’re referring. In order to build a button to send the top 3 teams to a table in another doc, we would recommend using Cross-doc actions which you can learn more about here: How to Use Cross-Doc Actions | Coda Help Center

You will need to set up an Add Row button as explained here. If you’d like to isolate those first 3 rows, you can use a formula like this:
[Table].Filter(Rank <= 3).FormulaMap(this is where the cross-doc action formula should go)

Or you can use the coda webhook pack!

Let me know if you need help setting it up

This formula is great @Shaina_Torgerson and I will be using the Webhook pack to send that info as well @Scott_Collier-Weir . Two follow up questions…

What would I need to add to the formula to grab the final score for each team AND any way I can eliminate the @ sign before each team name?

Ideally, the info would look like this.
Boring Team Name - 21, Just dropping In - 20, WorkN for the Weekend - 19

Thanks in advance.

You’d want to tag a ForEach() loop onto the end of your filter formula.

Within the ForEach() you would use something like:

  • Format(“{1} - {2}”,, currentValue.score)

The “name” piece being the name of the column that holds your team names

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Add boom goes the dynamite. Thanks Scott. I’ve never used the ForEach before. Thanks.

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