Seriously need this!


We seriously need a better way of designing for the detail design view and smooth way of printing it.

I’m creating invoices using Coda and although I can gather my information great, I’m pretty stuck on how to send it out to clients in a nice viewable format.

As it stands, I think I’m gonna have to go down the API route to get anywhere with this which is a shame.

I’ve changed to the ‘Detail’ design view and although I can move a couple of boxes, it’s very limiting in terms of design and information I want to give.

Airtable have done this ok with their ‘Blocks’ add-on. Although you can get to where you need to be, the design process is too drawn out and something I could design in 2 minutes in Adobe Illustrator took me half a day in Airtable.

You need to be able to offer a quick and easy way of allowing your users to create a design view where they can design their own forms and how they want them to look including colours, fonts, images etc, a mini design program you could say.

Also, I’ve created a button that allows me to input data into my tables using a form (I think its pretty much the detail design view). I can add my information ok but I find myself adding extra rows by accident. Ideally I would like to be able to add my information and then click submit, only when submit has been clicked, then it will add the information to the tables.



I second the addition of a submit button when adding new rows in a “form” view.

Sometimes it’s useful to know that data is updated without pressing any submit buttons, but I can see the users of my docs making new empty rows by mistake. Maybe have the submit button as an option in detail view that can be toggled on and off.

In the meantime, I created this instruction for the users of my doc:
(Be aware that clicking the Add New Item button automatically creates a new entry. If you’ve clicked the button by mistake, don’t close the window, but hover over the three dots next to the X and choose “Delete row everywhere”. See below for explanatory image).