Detail View - Layout customization - fonts and background color - Send Email

Been playing with the Flexible Invoice template, where you have this layout below.

How do you achieve this black background for the pic and some of the headings? Also how do you alter font-style like ALL THINGS BLUE and ADDRESS are all uppercase even though one is a value, the other is a property name, and both are regular case in the original table?

Bonus question: Is there a way to send this exact view by email? I tried sending the full section it’s in but instead of the detailed view I get a default table view in the email body.

Pic to show original data not in uppercase:



What you are seeing is one of our Quick Style. Please see this help article that explains how you can create layouts.

Unfortunately there isn’t a straightforward way to send this in email yet.

Thank you.

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And just to be clear, are we essentially stuck with the quick styles, or can we customize background colours of sections manually for example?

not yet - but definitely something we want to support at some point.


Hi I’d like to add to this conversation by stating that I’d like to easily be able to “ Create & publish Coda docs with dark backgrounds and light text fonts .”

It’s important to be able to create docs that will look good when embedded or viewed on websites that have darker themes and backgrounds.


I’m REALLY looking forward to more customization options in the Layouts views! Would love to see this sooner than later. Curious if many others feel the same way? It would really improve my teams user experience, as we often work in these layouts.


Yes, I just started using Coda docs, god is it powerful, my only issue is users using the doc don’t like the way it looks, having some color options would be amazing (Please support hex colors if you do, the restrictive coloring for buttons for example can by annoying at times when you need more colors). But I also would be happy with a “Dark Theme” if that’s a more simple temporary fix.

@Krunal_Sheth On the topic of design, I came across another issue, when the table layout is set to “Detail” on “Display” the search bar cannot be changed within it, it would be nice to set an option to search for more of whatever info is in the table, in my case I would like to search for Name or Discord ID or Email. I was told I could setup a table for a custom search like that, but with “Detail” “Display” set to bottom, just doesn’t look right and would be more convenient to have some options for that display type when searching. Also, some color options for those displays, like “Cards” would go a long way.

But I really love this service, very powerful tool.

@Krunal_Sheth I agree with the need for this, I’m having trouble myself feeling confident in the Detail Views simply because of the stark white backgrounds which obscure boundaries of fields. Even just one option to change the color value of the background to a few standard colors similar to the limited formatting you offer for fonts would be fantastic. And, to add to the fire, even more powerful would be to be able to affect the sizes of the fields in the layout of detail views.


Hi! Any progress or timeline on this? The detail view is amazing and totally solves my issues, but honestly dealing with a long table with many columns and not being able to change the color nor add dividers or titles within the details layout makes it much harder to navigate. This is a must. Also, +1 on having the option to add hex codes once you add this feature. Maybe it’s just as simple as transferring the conditional format rules from the table to the details view? Looking forward to your reply.