BUG? Styles in Layouts with Extremely Big Font

Guys, how is this community going. Haven’t been around for a while.

Coda support is really useless for users who has knowledge beyond how to create tables and layouts in Coda and they have been a massive waste of time for the last year, so I am reaching out to the community.

Does anyone know why the layout as created on this document with the selected options is showing such gigantic fonts in the layouts?

Hi @Stefan_Stoyanov :blush:

I don’t have a clear answer but I know that since row details has been enhanced there have been some inconsistencies (leading to confusion) with the Font Size in detail views :no_mouth:

Before, when creating a detail layout you could place anything anywhere in the layout and then customize font size, alignment etc…
Now, I think the section you choose in the layout (I.e.: Title, Subtitle, etc…) to display some content overrides the custom font size… At least, if you’re using a different “Quick Style” than the 1st one (from the left) in the list …

So, from your screen recording the problem might be that you have a bunch of content displayed as Title including the Hyperlink and Description

Small add-on :

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@Pch Thank you for the quick response and contribution. I had the exact same thought and tested it, but couldn’t validate the idea, really. It acts strange also on fields that are not (seemingly) titles or headers. Coda support acts like it’s impossible to replicate and I started doubting myself. So after months of frustration decided to disturb the community too. Thank you again and have a great rest of the day!

The bug affects every field that’s in the “special” (not overflow) part of a layout and has a standard “T” (text) formatting, i.e. not overridden with H0/1/2/3. Previously there was a way to force these back to small text by pressing H* and then T again. Now “T” always just means “default for that part of a layout”.

There used to be a bug but also a workaround, now there’s just a bug :slightly_frowning_face:

One way to make it better is to choose the smallest heading format (H3), which is still not as small as Text but at least smaller than the default H0 or H1 or whatever it uses.

Hey Paul,
Great to be in touch again.
BTW, congrats on the funding! You sooo sooo much deserve it! :clap:

This is exactly what I did with H3 but we insert blog articles in this doc and it’s just awful to read.

Thanks for the input and cheers,

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