Set value for different buttons with same formula?

I have a bunch of buttons that all include the same formula…the “Notes” value.
Every time I make a change to this formula, I have to change it for every button.
Is there a way I can create some kind of reference for the formula that’s the same for every button…so I change the formula once and it gets changed on every button at the same time?

Many thanks!

Hi @Gregg_Stebben!

You can create a named formula anywhere in your doc and then reference that :slight_smile:

  • Type an equal sign (=)
  • Write the Notes formula there
  • Give it a name NotesFormula
  • In your buttons change the value to NotesFormula
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This is fantastic!
And obvious, so I should have been able to figure it out myself…thank you!
Follow up question:
What if the formula contains “thisrow”?
This caused an error for me.
Many thanks again!

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That’s a bit harder, unfortunately there is no support for locally defined parameterized formulas. There’s an old thread here

To make your use-case dry you’d need a custom pack with a parameterized formula

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Is there a emoticon available for “My head just exploded!”
Definitely above my pay grade!
But thank you for your help!!

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